Residential treatment facility (for adolescent girls)

Residential treatment facility (for adolescent girls)2020-09-15T13:13:50-04:00

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

Transformations is a psychiatric residential treatment facility within Brynn Marr Hospital for girls ages 12 to 17 who exhibit problematic behaviors associated with a psychiatric diagnosis. This program is designed to help young girls who struggle to live in a family or community setting due to a persistence of symptoms over time. Through a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches, we strive to help them realize their goals and return to their home environment. Treatment may include substance use education as needed (substance use must be secondary to mental health diagnosis).

The program includes weekly consultation with a board-certified child psychiatrist and individual, group and family therapy with a licensed clinician. Each patient also participates in recreational therapy to help them establish effective coping skills they may utilize in their home environment.

Adolescents in Transformations attend school at the Village Academy, where certified teachers meet each patient at their learning level to help them improve functionality and performance at school. The principal is involved in team meetings for every student to make sure the educational component of their care shares the same goals as their treatment plan. The Village Academy is an individualized education program.

Four Phases of Recovery

We use an incentive-based system that allows patients to advance through four program phases (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) on their own time. Patients move forward or back a phase based on current behaviors and progress towards treatment goals.

Once a patient reaches the platinum phase, they can begin overnight therapeutic trial visits to their home community to test the new skills they learned from the program. Upon successful completion of trial visits, the patient may begin discussions of discharge planning with their treatment team.

For admission to our psychiatric residential treatment facility, please complete our Transformations application form and fax it to 910-577-2799.

Take the First Step

Call 910-577-1400 to schedule a confidential, no-cost assessment or receive more details on our programs and facility. We are available 24/7 to assist you. In case of emergency, please dial 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.

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