Typical Day at Brynn Marr

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Daily Patient Routine

On a typical day at Brynn Marr Hospital, you can expect to participate in a variety of activities that will allow you to work on the skills you need to return to your home environment. Every day of treatment, patients see a psychiatrist and take part in a diverse selection of therapeutic groups.

Patients have an average of six psycho-educational and therapy groups a day. These include process groups with a licensed therapist; recreational therapy; nursing groups on medications and side effects; goal setting groups with mental health workers and psychoeducational groups on behaviors, triggers and coping skills.

In addition to daily groups, you will also see a psychiatrist every day. During your one-on-one sessions with your psychiatrist, you will discuss your current symptoms and how your current medications are helping you achieve your treatment goals.

You will be assigned an acute clinician who will help you transition from acute care to the community in a successful manner. Your acute clinician will contact your loved one or care provider to ensure we have the most thorough information to help you achieve your treatment goals. He or she will also see you on a weekly basis, depending upon your length of stay, and schedule family sessions as needed.

Patients have many ways to relax and unwind when not engaged in daily activities. Weather permitting, we provide outdoor recreation time in one of our many courtyards. You will also have time to journal and reflect on your day and prepare for your next meeting with your psychiatrist or care coordinator.

We strongly encourage participation in all activities, but we cannot force anyone to participate in the many therapeutic opportunities we offer daily. A lack of participation may prolong your stay if it prevents you from accomplishing your treatment goals.

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