Who is part of my treatment team?

Who is part of my treatment team?

Your treatment team may consist of the following professionals:

  • Physician: Directs your medical care at the hospital. You will see the physician daily and within 24 hours of admission.
  • Registered Nurse: Administers medications, facilitates daily nurse groups and is available on the unit to answer questions about your medications and provide emotional support. Your family or legal guardian may call the unit to get updates on your progress from the nurse.
  • Mental Health Worker: Checks on your well-being every 15 minutes, accompanies you to your groups and provides psycho-educational groups.
  • Recreational Therapist: Provides groups to assist you with the development of coping skills through leisure activities. Be prepared to visit the gym, go outdoors, and tap into your creative side. Recreational therapists also coordinate a team of volunteers who bring therapy dogs to the hospital for pet therapy sessions.
  • Acute Clinician: Provides daily groups; conducts psychosocial assessments and develops patients’ master treatment plan, crisis prevention plan and discharge plan. He or she will contact your family or legally responsible person to assist with your treatment and coordination of services at discharge.

Your treatment team also includes your family, legal guardian and other stakeholders who are invested in your recovery.

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