What can I bring for my stay on the Residential Unit (PRTF)?

What can I bring for my stay on the Residential Unit (PRTF)?

Items permitted for our Adolescent Girls Residential unit are:

  • 7 tops
  • 7 bottoms
  • 7 underwear
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 7 bras (without underwire)
  • 2 sweaters/sweatshirts (no hoods or drawstrings are allowed)
  • 3 pair of pajama outfits
  • One pair of comfortable shoes with no shoestrings
  • Slippers
  • Soft back books and homework (no staples, metal clips, spirals, or binders)
  • Xerox copies of personal photos
  • 1 light-weight single layered twin size blanket, 66 by 90 inches. (Please note: Crochet, Knitted , Quilted blankets are not allowed. Additionally, Tassels, zippers, fringe, glitter, and lace are not allowed. Patients will be required to wash their blanket when they wash their other items weekly.

Hygiene Items: Patients are allowed to bring their own hygiene products. Lotion, Body wash, Conditioner, Shampoo etc. Hygiene products must not have a pump or contain alcohol in the first THREE ingredients. Patients may bring items listed below. If you and your patient wish to bring other products please contact the Program Manager or your patient’s therapist to ensure items will be allowed. Send only TWO of each product. Please resend products when your patient’s 2nd bottle is halfway empty. Each patient is responsible for informing their therapist and parent/guardian when their products are almost empty. Patients will receive products provided by the hospital if they do not have their own personal products.

Body wash

  1. Aveeno regular or Aveeno stress relief (18 oz.)
  2. Suave (28 oz. and below)
  3. Olay (22oz and below)
  4. Equate (22oz and below)
  5. Dove (22oz and below)
  6. Dial (24oz and below)
  7. Ivory (21oz and below)
  8. Old Spice (21oz and below)
  9. Irish Spring (18oz and below)
  10. Lady Speed Stick
  11. Arm & Hammer
  12. Suave
  13. Dove 0% Aluminum
  14. Secret Clinical Strength


  1. Head & Shoulders 2in1 Classic Clean Shampoo in Conditioner (23.7oz and below)
  2. Suave Professionals 2in1 Shampoo in Conditioner (28oz and below)
  3. Dove Daily Moisture 2in1Shampoo and Conditioner (20.4oz and below)
  4. Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume 2in1 Shampoo and conditioner (20.1oz and below)
  5. Garnier Fructis Daily Care 2in1 Shampoo and conditioner (22oz and below)
  6. Biotin &Collagen (20oz and below)
  7. Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Sulfate Free (13.5oz)

Body Lotion

  1. Equate Beauty Moisture Cocoa Butter Care Lotion (10oz and below)
  2. Palmers Cocoa Butter (10oz and below)
  3. Suave (10oz and below)
  4. Aveeno Daily Moisture (10oz and below)
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