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Latest Happenings at Brynn Marr

Brynn Marr Hospital hosts a variety of events related to behavioral healthcare. On this page you can browse the latest news coming from the hospital and find details on upcoming events. For additional information on an event, please call us at 910-577-1400.

Mental Health Monday Segment – May 26, 2020

As a society we’re becoming more understanding as a whole, however it’s important to understand how stigma can prevent those needing treatment from seeking it out.” – Matthew Fetter, Director of Business Development, Brynn Marr Hospital. Thank you to WITN-TV for discussing the stigma surrounding mental illness and treatment, along with resources where people can gain education on these topics. Being able to normalize these discussions is an important step in reducing stigma in our society.

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Mental Health Monday Segment – May 18, 2020

Anna Simmermon, Admissions Manager, spoke with WITN-TV this morning about the grief surrounding missed milestones. While feeling grief is normal, she encourages listeners to look for opportunities to shift perspective. “Rather than focusing on what can’t be, focus on what we do have and creating memories that can be special to everyone involved.” Importantly, Anna also reminds us that “It’s okay to not be okay. This is a perfectly normal feeling to have when our lives no longer feel like they’re predictable or when we’re feeling out of control.” If you or someone you know is struggling, we’re here for […]

Mental Health Monday Segment – May 12, 2020

Our Director of Clinical Services, Tatianna Brooks-Johnson, offers some helpful and timely advice on self-care: “Before we go to sleep at night, we charge our phones. If we forget, we make sure to charge them throughout the day so we can get 100% battery charge. Self-care really is like making those battery charges for ourselves,” Brooks-Johnson. See her full interview and tips with WITN-TV and let us know which self-care practices resonate most with you!

Mental Health Monday Segment – May 4, 2020

One of the most important things we can do right now is give ourselves a break when we’re not meeting those expectations or we’re lacking the productivity that we expected,’ explained Dana Cronkhite, account manager at Brynn Marr Hospital in Jacksonville. Hear more of what our Account Manager Dana offered to WITN-TV on how to manage expectations during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mental Health Monday Segment – April 20, 2020

Our CNO, Sheila Maraan, and Director of Clinical Services, Tatianna Brooks-Johnson, appeared this morning on WITN-TV to discuss tools for managing stress and anxiety and tips for speaking with children about COVID-19.

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